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“Fitness Is Fun” Initiative

A marketing person from Reebok contacted me last week as a blogger and asked me to participate in a Webinar about their new women’s fitness initiative. I believe I was selected because they read about my wogging regimen and thought I could turn it up a notch. Or maybe they noticed I haven’t posted about the joy of being at my ideal wieght. Or perhaps it’s because they are more serious about fitness than I am, seeing as this is my favorite fitness video (you will burn calories laughing if you watch this!) :

I was able to join the call yesterday because I was working on a repetitive task that didn’t require my full attention. (Well, at least I hope it didn’t!) I can say it was time well spent as I decided at the end of it that I am a slug and I got up and went for a RUN. Not a wog. Sara Haley did a good job of conveying some key points on the call. She loves to dance and teaches rebounding and all kinds of classes in New York City. (I didn’t even know what rebounding is.) She has taught in Chicago too and commented on the big difference in the fitness cultures. (Oh my- I don’t know if we even have a fitness culture in my area! LOL)

1) The best indication of a good cardio workout is that you become out of breath and sweaty. (I guess that means if you can still sing you’re not breathless. Ooops.)
2) Find music that motivates you. It can take your workout from average to amazing.
(Yep- I need some new music)
3) You have to change your workout to change your body. Your body will grow accustomed to the same movements – it is critical to vary your workout. (Oh- no wonder my body has not changed!)
4) Fitness can and should be fun. (I need some help here!)

They referenced “The Biggest Loser” as one of the fun ways people are getting into fitness. I love that show, but it sure doesn’t look like they’re having fun to me. But they are definitely losing weight.

Reebok’s fitness intitiative is all about making fitness fun and that indicates to me I’m not the only one that needs help with that. Sara Haley ended with the remark, “If you don’t try, you’ll never know.” So here’s to trying someting new this week!!


Just 4 Today

I haven’t done a Just 4 today post in a bit, so to give credit where credit is due, I got this idea from Katie’s blog at Eat 4 Today. I like her philosophy. She says, “Eating for today has changed my life. While before, I was looking for a program that I could follow for the rest of my life, now I’ve got a program that only has to work for today. Just today.”

I’m back to basics with the 4 things I’ll do today. I have indeed been exercising faithfully, but I really need to add in some strength training. I am pondering how to do that at effectively at home. The gym is simply too far for me to go consistently. Any suggestions for strength training at home? I am all ears. I am well aware of the importance of maintaining muscle after age 50. Yikes – I’m there!
Here’s my 4 things today:
1. Exercise at least 45 minutes.
2. Eat 5 vegetable and fruit servings
3. Eat 30 grams of fiber.
4. Hold fast to my confession…. in other words, talk nicely to myself about my efforts and goals. I always ask myself, if my best friend talked to me the way I talk to myself, would I want to be around her? The answer better be “yes”!

Have a great weekend. Prayers for safety to all the folks in Texas who are getting visited by Ike this weekend. Our waves were 15 feet high here yesterday in the Florida Panhandle! They were closing bridges and such. This is a really big storm.

Intentional Living

Intentional living is all about making conscious choices that keep life going in the right direction. Moving steadily toward goals is exciting and I want to live intentionally, every day.  Here are the four things that I will do today for my health:

1. Purchase a new exercise DVD. I need variety. Any suggestions?
2. Record all food intake in my food journal.
3. Resume exercise with at least 30 minutes today. No excuses.
4. Weigh only once a week starting today. No more obsessing with the scale.

If you would live to participate in Just 4 Today, make a post on your blog and go HERE to share your 4. Please take a minute to leave a comment here too.

Just 4 Today

I’m glad that I just have to think about what I will do today to accomplish my health goals. Sometimes the “big picture” is just too much to think about.
Here are my 4 as I begin a new week:
1. Find one food or recipe that is healthy and appealing to work into my menus this week.
2. Eat 20 points or less today and log everything. (Points are for Weight Watchers participants)
3. Get one hour of exercise in today. (Increase from 30 minutes)
4. Establish some affirmations regarding my health and get going on positive self-talk. (AGAIN) 

I am happy to report that writing down my goal last week to schedule my preventive colonoscopy screening was a motivator and I did it! I go next week to do that which I have procrastinated for TEN YEARS about. I hear clapping – I think that’s my Mom cheering. She still worries about me- can you imagine that?

Just 4 Today

I think we all have to consciously work on a healthy lifestyle:  I have been working on eating better foods and eating less of them. I’ve always said, “if you eat like everyone else eats, you’ll get what everyone else has.” There are lots of unhealthy overweight people around and I choose to be different.

I could get into a long discussion on long-term goals vs. short-term goals, but let’s just say that I know I need short term goals to stay on track. Once a week, I am going to post on 4 things I will do today. I got this idea from Katie’s blog at Eat 4 Today. I like her philosophy. She says, “Eating for today has changed my life. While before, I was looking for a program that I could follow for the rest of my life, now I’ve got a program that only has to work for today. Just today.”

That makes a lot of sense and makes health/weight/diet/exercise goals doable.

Here’s my four today:
1. Eat at least 3 servings of vegetables.
2. Exercise for 30 minutes.
3. Drink 8 glasses of water.
4. Call about getting my first ever colonoscopy done.  (I’m 50 – they say it’s time to start this screening and I have been procrastinating.)