About Me

I have been involved in the nutrition and wellness industry in a number of positions for 30 years. For several years, I owned a wellness center that offered counseling (we had a staff nutritionist and 2 mental health counselors) as well as nutritional supplements and products. I really enjoyed speaking and providing hours of training in health-related topics, but I did not enjoy the overhead and stress of having to be at the office everyday from 9-5 with a growing family at home.

Since that time, I have become enamored with the internet and the marvelous opportunity to communicate globally with people who are searching for solutions to health challenges. This site is dedicated to helping you find your pathway to better health. Whether it is through an improved diet, food supplements, exercise, chiropractic treatment, homeopathy or the integration of traditional medical answers and alternative therapies; my goal is to keep the information flowing. It may take a village to bring you better health, and the dialogue goes both ways here.

My name is Dru. I am 50 years old and am my personal health issues include being “pre-diabetic “.  I currently work with daibetics on a daily basis – that’s why this blog targets this concern. However this is an open forum to address anything that’s on your mind and mine. I hope you will come back and visit often on your journey to better health.

Email me: dru at healthsitesinc.com


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