Just 4 Today

I haven’t done a Just 4 today post in a bit, so to give credit where credit is due, I got this idea from Katie’s blog at Eat 4 Today. I like her philosophy. She says, “Eating for today has changed my life. While before, I was looking for a program that I could follow for the rest of my life, now I’ve got a program that only has to work for today. Just today.”

I’m back to basics with the 4 things I’ll do today. I have indeed been exercising faithfully, but I really need to add in some strength training. I am pondering how to do that at effectively at home. The gym is simply too far for me to go consistently. Any suggestions for strength training at home? I am all ears. I am well aware of the importance of maintaining muscle after age 50. Yikes – I’m there!
Here’s my 4 things today:
1. Exercise at least 45 minutes.
2. Eat 5 vegetable and fruit servings
3. Eat 30 grams of fiber.
4. Hold fast to my confession…. in other words, talk nicely to myself about my efforts and goals. I always ask myself, if my best friend talked to me the way I talk to myself, would I want to be around her? The answer better be “yes”!

Have a great weekend. Prayers for safety to all the folks in Texas who are getting visited by Ike this weekend. Our waves were 15 feet high here yesterday in the Florida Panhandle! They were closing bridges and such. This is a really big storm.


One response to “Just 4 Today

  1. Thanks, Dru — I think you’ve inspired me, too! I’ve never gone this long without doing a Just4Today — and I’ve GOT to get back to it…..

    After lunch, maybe?


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