Dawn Phenomenon

Dawn phenomenon. An intriguing word. In my world, this defines the aggravating habit of waking up way too early and not being able to get back to sleep. In the diabetic world, it is a simpler name for something also called the Somogyi Effect.

My friend Alecia has been trying to get her high blood sugar readings in the morning back in line with her more normal daily readings.

According to the “The American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes”, a high morning reading may be attributed to the “dawn phenomenon”. The body has a normal mechanism that wakes you up and gives you energy to start the day. Your body responds to the wake up call with growth hormones. These hormones depress the activity of insulin, allowing blood glucose to rise around 4:00am and 8:00 am. This is called the dawn phenomenon. The dawn phenomenon can be the reason blood glucose readings that are quite high when you wake up. They make the suggestion of eating less the night before or less for the morning meal as a possible way to deal with it.

A really good article called Waking Up With High Blood Glucose Levels can be found HERE.


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