Someone’s in the Kitchen

I have been trying new recipes and having fun in the kitchen. I always prefer getting a recipe from a friend over a recipe from a cookbook or a website. I want to hear that it’s worth making from someone who’s made it!

With that in mind, I am going to start “Mmm Mondays”, where I post a recipe and invite others to post a recipe on their blog and link to this one. It will be super helpful if you are able to post nutrition information so those of us who are counting carbs, watching sugar, calories, etc., can have a clear idea on if it will work into our menu plan.

I realize I am really new on the blog scene to be undertaking this project, but I have enjoyed browsing other blogs that do this and figure it’s a great way to meet people and get some new recipes. We can share a bite together. Come by on Monday for a fresh recipe. I’ll be in the kitchen getting ready for your visit.

I’m going to be using Mr. Linky so that everyone can participate and this is a test:


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