Just 4 Today

I’m glad that I just have to think about what I will do today to accomplish my health goals. Sometimes the “big picture” is just too much to think about.
Here are my 4 as I begin a new week:
1. Find one food or recipe that is healthy and appealing to work into my menus this week.
2. Eat 20 points or less today and log everything. (Points are for Weight Watchers participants)
3. Get one hour of exercise in today. (Increase from 30 minutes)
4. Establish some affirmations regarding my health and get going on positive self-talk. (AGAIN) 

I am happy to report that writing down my goal last week to schedule my preventive colonoscopy screening was a motivator and I did it! I go next week to do that which I have procrastinated for TEN YEARS about. I hear clapping – I think that’s my Mom cheering. She still worries about me- can you imagine that?


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