Waist Management

I have issues with weight. My best friend is an aerobics instructor and has about zero body fat and I’m married to a guy that struggles to not lose weight. I guess opposites attract, huh?

Though I have always had to be mindful of my weight, it didn’t become a real problem until I hit 40. Over the next 9 years, I gained 25 pounds. 3 pounds a year… creep, creep on until one day I said “ENOUGH!” The risk of diabetes, heart disease, etc, was the mental concern but I admit the emotional frustration was a bigger part of my decision. I had tried all the things that used to work for me to no avail. I no longer enjoyed shopping in all my frumpiness.

2 years and 8 months ago I joined Weight Watchers. I paid in advance so that I would stick with it. In the next 4 months, I lost 25 pounds. I kept it off until January of this year (almost 2 years). I had been weighing in monthly to retain my lifetime member status until January when I went over my goal weight. I didn’t want to pay them to tell me I had gained weight, so I quit going. I actually attended 2 meetings and decided I had learned what they could teach me. (About 15 years ago, I was actually certified as a weight management consultant through another program.) It’s the accountability I need.

So I have decided to be accountable on this blog. The good news is that last week I set a goal to get rid of this extra 12 pounds that have continued to creep on since January. I have written down points, done well with staying within the allotted 22 points and exercised every day. And I’ve gained a pound. Yep – GAINED! But I’m committed to do this, so stay tuned for next Thursday’s results. I will persist.  And I am finding some great online tools that I will be sharing with you, like Roni’s food journal. Check out this handy tool!


2 responses to “Waist Management

  1. Glad you like the tool!

    My meeting attendance has been dwindling as well. The blog keeps me going! Just commit to it, it’s a great way to stay accountable!

    Good luck!

  2. I completely understand. Since I hit 40 if I even think about eating sweet things, I gain weight. It is very frustrating and very hard to lose weight. I need to find a balance too. Thanks for the encouragement.

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